Mylon Uribe

woodstock high school

10th GRADE

Mylon Uribe belongs to the class of 2024 at Woodstock High School. He believes this scholarship would give him the opportunity to continue with his training and practices

Marco Nuñez

riverwood international charter school


Marco Nuñez is Venezuelan, from Maracaibo, and believes he is worthy of the scholarship because he has all the qualities to fulfill his dream: discipline, high academic

Luis Rodriguez

etowah high school

12th GRADE

Luis Rodriguez is 17 years old, and he came to the U.S. from Venezuela with his family to look for his dream. Baseball is his passion and he

Israel McKay

dutchtown high school

12th GRADE

Israel McKay has worked hard to accomplish this dream since he was 7 years old, going to the baseball field every single day with his dad and a

Juan Pablo Rivas



Juan Pablo Rivas has practiced this sport since he was 3 years old. He trains hard and relentlessly to achieve his dream. Winning a scholarship would mean

Anthony Vega

peachtree ridge high school

11th GRADE

Anthony Vega believes baseball has been responsible for giving him the opportunity to form friendships and forge discipline and character. For him, it would be an honor